Our Current Research Themes 

Mental Health and Aging

  • Tailoring interventions to improve successful treatment of later-life depression 

  • Racial differences in the acceptability, preference and effectiveness of depression treatments 

  • Depression related to retirement 

  • Novel ways to reduce inappropriate sedative/anxiolytic use among older adults 

  • Tailored treatments for alcohol misuse and substance abuse in later life 

  • Health policy issues related to mental health and aging  

  • Use of mindfulness meditation to prevent later-life depression and anxiety 

  • Novel sleep treatments to prevent depression and anxiety in older adults 

  • Innovative educational research to train both current providers and the next generation of physicians to provide state-of-the-art clinical care for older adults with mental illness or dementia 

Dementia Care and Caregiving

  • Improving the assessment and management of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia

  • Better ways to train caregivers to manage behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia

  • Behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia as a predictor of potentially preventable emergency room visits and inpatient hospitalizations

  • Investigation of the health risks of psychotropic medications for people with dementia such as antipsychotics

  • Impact of caregiving “styles” on management of people with dementia

  • Improving health systems’ coordination of dementia care across clinical settings

  • Decorative Leaf

Our Research Faculty

Helen Kales, MD
Helen Kales, MD 
Mary Blazek, MD, MEd
Mary Blazek, MD, MEHP 

Kristen Lawton Barry,
Frederic C. Blow, Phd
Frederic C. Blow, PhD 
Lynn Etters, DNP
Lynn Etters, DNP,
 Amanda Leggett, PhD
Amanda Leggett, PhD 
Donovan Maust, MD, MS
Donovan T. Maust,
Laura Struble, NP, PhD
Laura Struble, NP, PhD 

Daphne Watkins, PhD
Daphne C. Watkins,
Kara Zivin, PhD
Kara Zivin, PhD