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  • “Refilling the pipeline” takes diligence, commitment and funding. Unfortunately, many of our junior trainees
    attracted to working with older adults and performing mental health and aging research must put these dreams
    aside. The realities of significant student loan debt prevent them from pursuing the additional training needed for a
    career in research or education to earn higher salaries in the here and now. We are seeking partners to create
    innovative approaches for retaining these talented young investigators.
  • Potential partnerships will extend our work to community populations: for example, to reach caregivers
    who live in remote areas or who do not have access to computers, or training providers who work in areas without
    access to mental health and aging specialists.
  • Seed funding helps promising early career scientists as well as more senior faculty. For early career faculty, such
    funding allows them to conduct the small pilot studies that enable them to compete for larger federal and
    foundation funding as they go forward. For more senior faculty, seed funding can support high risk/high reward
    research that can lead to larger federal grants and allow more rapid translation of their research findings into
    clinical practice. Our ability to provide this type of support is crucial for the PPA to remain competitive in attracting
    and retaining talented mental health and aging faculty of all stages.

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