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Welcome to the Program for Positive Aging – a place for everyone’s brighter future!  Positive aging involves more than just maintaining good health for as long as possible. Physical wellness is vital and valuable, but it isn’t the whole solution.  Positive aging is also about quality of life and enjoyment of living.  Overall wellness depends upon attitude, spirit, resilience and adaptability to the new opportunities and challenges of later life.  We believe that we all have the capacity within us to bring these qualities to our senior years.

Our Beginnings

Established in April 2009 as part of the Section of Geriatric Psychiatry at the University of Michigan, this initiative is also supported by the University of Michigan’s Psychiatry Department, Medical School, and Geriatrics Center.  Our founding director is Dr. Helen C. Kales.  At the PPA, we work to improve the quality of mental-health care and service delivery for older adults, and serve as a resource to older adults and caregivers, health and social-service professionals, and policy makers.

Our Mission

The PPA serves as a regional and national resource for elders and their families in living emotionally healthy lives.  Our purpose is to promote the positive potential of later life by discovering and sharing knowledge through academic and community collaborations.  We will achieve this through promoting specialized and personally tailored patient care, providing quality education to the next generation of health providers and caregivers, enhancing effective outreach to the community, and innovating through scientific discovery.  We support an individual’s accumulated experience and wisdom with opportunities to develop greater resilience and adaptability, believing that this will result in the type of later life we all desire.



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